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Organic Hawthorn

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60 x 400mg Veg. Caps.

A member of the Rosaceae family. A native to Europe, and commonly found both in the wild and cultivated in Ireland. The bright red berries are harvested in the autumn for medicinal use, the flowering tops may also be used medicinally and are gathered in late spring. The plant was used for kidney and bladder stones until the 19th century, when an Irish physician, Dr. Green, started using it for circulatory and cardiac problems.

A small, deciduous tree or shrub growing to 10 m. The leaves have 3-5 lobes and are broader than their length. The flowers are white, sometimes deep pink, C. laevigata has about 10 flowers to a cluster, C. monogyna has more than 10. C. leavigata has 2-3 styles per flower, whilst C. monogyna has only 1 usually. The anthers are red and are arranged in groups of 5-10 at the apex of small branches. The dark red false fruits contain a small true fruit (one or two), are known as has and traditionally used to make jelly. Both are common in hedgerows, woodland and scrub, with C. laevigata being more tolerant of shade and therefore occurring in denser woodland.

For use against:
* Cardiac failure, earlier myocardial weakness.
* Myocardial weakness with hypertension
* Hypertension
* Arteriosclerosis
* Buergerâ€â„¢s disease
* Paroxysmal tachycardia
* Poor memory - with Gingko or rosemary improves the circulation to the brain
* Slightly sedative, does not cause drowsiness
* Low blood pressure, according to some authors and anecdotal evidence
* Menopausal and andropausal anxiety
* Nervous heart complaints

Each Vegetable capsule contains 400mg of 100% pure Organic wild harvested hawthorn berry powder and capsule shell, no other ingredient or additive of any kind.
Take 3-4 capsules a day. May take some weeks to produce results. Initially, increased urination may occur, due to diuresis. This effect normally balances after a few days. Ensure that adequate water is taken

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