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Organic Herbals ...

All the products offered here are certified organic and 100% pure (with the exception of the vegetable capsule shell) and the premises has been inspected and satisfies the requirements of the Soil Association organic standards and Regulations (EC) no 834/2007 and 889/2008.
Why Organic?
1. Organic farming is sustainable farming which helps to create healthy soil.
2. Organic farming protects local flora, fauna an insect life.
3  Pesticides and herbicides (which organic farming restricts) act as xenooestrogens, these chemicals have been shown to affect the hormonal balance and therefore the fertility of humans and animals
4. Organic herbs can contain a better level of active constituents.
5. We do not know everything. Valerian are known to be sedative, but it is also known that there are other constituents that contribute to the action of valerian which have not been identified.
6. Organically grown produce helps to heal the planet as well as people. 

Organic Herbals
Barley Grass (Organic)Barley Grass contains naturally occurring minerals, enzymes, vitamins and c...Product Info
Organic Herbals
Bilberry (Organic) 100% PureA member of the Ericaceae family. Grows on moorlands, heath and acid soil i...Product Info
Organic Herbals
Chlorella (Organic & Pure)2012 - 450 x 200mg Tablets of Pure Organic Chlorella ...Product Info
Organic Herbals
Organic GarlicGarlic is known as the \'Wonder Drug\' of herbs and can help with everythin...Product Info
Organic Herbals
Organic GingerEach vegetable capsule contains 100% pure organic Ginger...Product Info
Organic Herbals
Organic HawthornA member of the Rosaceae family. A native to Europe, and commonly found bot...Product Info
Organic Herbals
Organic MacaMaca is a cruciferous plant harvested from its natural high altitude habita...Product Info
Organic Herbals
Organic Nettle RootThe main constituents of this root plant are sterols and sterol glycosides,...Product Info
Organic Herbals
Organic Panax Ginseng Organic Panax Ginseng is grown in China and means \'Root of Man\'. Ginseng...Product Info
Organic Herbals
Organic TurmericEach Vegetable Capsules contains 500mg of 100% Organic Turmeric...Product Info
Organic Herbals
Organic Valerian 60 Veg,CapsulesEach vegetable capsule contain 100% pure organic valerian root powder, no a...Product Info