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Activated Stabillised Oxygen 100ml

Oxy-Boost (A02Câ„¢) contains two important oxygen molecules: 02 and 03 (also called ozone) These molecules are considered to be the most stable of all the oxygen isotope species. 02 of course is the basis of all life and is found in the air we breathe and the water we drink. 03 (ozone) is also in the air and in water, but it is also normally very unstable, its half-life is considerably longer than that of its sibling 01 yet is only estimated to last about 40 minutes in water. 03 is also very reactive and has been successfully used in numerous therapy protocols and in water purification. Remarkably Oxy-Boost (A02Cââ€Å¾Ã‚¢) has been able to stabilize both 02 and 03.
Oxy-Boost has shown to have powerful anti-microbial properties: In direct proportion to concentration Oxy-Boost appears to inhibit the growth or to reduce the colony count of the following general categories of anaerobic (non-air tolerant) organisms - bacteria, virus, yeasts, moulds, fungi and parasites. Tests conducted at several of the largest and most respected independent testing labs in the U.S. have demonstrated Oxy-Boost antimicrobial properties on E-Coli (0-157), Salmonella, Candida, Pseudomonas, Aspergillus and staphylococcus.

There are both beneficial aerobic and detrimental anaerobic bacteria in our bodies. For example, good E. Coli exists in both anaerobic and aerobic states. But these beneficial intestinal flora have sufficient safeguards in their cellular structure to protect themselves in oxygen environments.
A lack of sufficient oxygen in the blood stream reduces the body's first line of defence; this fact has been clearly established in the medical literature. Our current research indicates that Oxy-Boost stabilized oxygen safely increases the available oxygen levels of the bloodstream.

Distilled water containing 10% oxygen, sodium chloride (common salt, minute trace) 40ppm
2-15 drops daily in water or juice. Gradual method: start with low amounts and increase over a few weeks. Rapid method: start at larger amounts, and after a few weeks reduce to an effective maintenance level. May also be applied topically. Use diluted as a 10% solution if applying to eyes.

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