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Green Tea Extract

Black, green, white tea, and many others are kinds of drinks that most people take for maintaining a healthy body condition. Of all the kinds, green tea is considered the healthiest. It comes from the evergreen bush, also known as Camellia Sinensis. However, it does not oxidize because once it is picked; it is pan-dried or oven-fried to dehydrate the leaves. The polyphenols, catechins and flavonoids are all locked into its leaves and that's why it's a healthy drink to end your meals with. Drinking it increases a person's metabolism and energy, boosts the immune system, blocks fat absorption, enhances concentration, and protects the body against diseases. It doesn't stop there, the list just goes on.

It is also considered as a great addition to diet regimens. It has been scientifically proven to burn calories and blocks the absorption of excess fat. Catechins found in such drinks do the blocking of fat absorption. Cholesterol is reduced and also prevents body fat accumulation. It also lets heat production in the body increase, and so more calories are burnt. Daily activities like walking, talking and writing are when the calories get burned. With the process of thermogenesis, the green tea drinker has extra energy. Exercise, together with drinking natural liquids, leads to development of muscle mass. Metabolism becomes faster because of more muscles. Energy levels remain high after exercising since there's more usage of fatty acids. With all these health benefits, you can't help but feel healthy and happy.

The proper balance of eating the right food, exercise and drinking natural teas all work with each other in keeping a person healthy. It's very easy to get all these benefits with just these simple steps. Pop a bag of green tea in hot water and start drinking it after every meal.

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