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Acerola and Rosehip

A Natural, Food State Source of Vitamin C, Acerola Cherries are one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C - higher than rose hips.

Acerola Cherries and Wild Rosehips are two of the richest sources of Vitamin C known to man (far greater than for example oranges). They provide you with exceptional, food state vitamin C, but also all of the healthy nutrients that ensure maximum absorption and nutritional input. They are more effective than the synthetic supplement alternatives.

Acerola Fruit contains many vitamins and minerals, and over 150 phytonutrients including bioflavonoids, pectins and essential oils. Rosehips are packed with Vitamin C, but also A, D and E, lycopene, carotenoids, plant sterols, catechins, polyphenolics and pectins.

The huge array of nutrients work in perfect synergy. This is the way Vitamin C is meant to be. Ascorbic Acid simply doesn’t compare.

Each capsule will typically provide 17% Vitamin C in a food state form, so 2 vegecaps per day will provide in the region of 170mg, (the UK RDA is 60mg per day, most people benefit from a little more than that).


The Healing Properties of Vitamin C

  • Immune enhancing
  • Helps the growth and repair of tissue,
  • Aids in the production of anti-stress hormones
  • Important role in the human metabolism
  • Protects against the harmful effects of pollution
  • Helps to prevent cancer
  • Helps to protect against infection
  • Increases the absorption of iron
  • May reduce cholesterol levels
  • Helps high blood pressure
  • Helps to prevent arthrosclerosis.
  • Essential to aid collagen formation
  • Protects against blood clotting and bruising 
  • Promotes the healing of wounds and burns

The Health Benefits of a Food State Vitamin C Natural Supplement


The body cannot manufacture Vitamin C - it must be obtained from the diet or supplements.  Vitamin C in foods works in combination with many phytonutrients such as different types of bioflavonoids, flavenols and a broad range of anti-oxidants; taking an isolated extract of pure vitamin C will not reap the same benefits.     To state we need a certain amount of vitamin C daily for optimum health can be confusing and misleading.   Taking a refined source of pure vitamin C without its natural co-factors has a tendency to leach minerals from the system.  


The cellulose and bulky roughage is eliminated, but the bulk of the nutrients are retained; the soluble extract from Acerola increases the vitamin C content to a high of 25%.   It contains many vitamins and minerals that work in conjunction with vitamin C.   Only by taking vitamins and minerals in a natural form and group, can the body maintain its balance.


Acerola Cherries are an excellent source of powerful antioxidants, they are rich in protein and mineral salts especially, iron, phosphorus calcium and also have marked anti-fungal activity. The free radical scavenging benefits of Acerola are also useful for preventing abnormal growths and fighting cellular aging.


Rosehips have been traditionally used as a source of vitamin C. Compared with foods such as oranges there is a much higher concentration of vitamin C - approximately 1,700mgs of Vitamin C in 100gms of dried rosehip. Although this is considerably less than the ultimate food state vitamin supplement - Acerola, there are an extensive range of useful nutrients in the rosehip


Vitamin C (as with all other nutrients) cannot complete its action as an isolate. Small amounts of a complete package of anti-oxidant nutrients along side the vitamin C provide an effective anti-oxidant protection and support the integrity of healthy collagen throughout our circulation, skin and all other tissues.


A medium size orange contains about 70 mgs.   The amount of vitamin C required to offer protection against chronic disease and maintain tissue saturation is in the region of 200-500 mgs daily, whereas the amount to prevent fatal acute disease (scurvy) is in the region of 30-60 mgs daily.   It seems absurd that the so-called RDA is set at the scurvy prevention level.


A pound of grapes only has a few milligrams of actual vitamin C, but combined with the ripe skin and seeds offers for example, excellent anti-scurvy protection. When we first take a valuable natural tonic such as Acerola, with a little attention and observation we can feel a wonderful energy entering the system.  Conversely, taking large doses of vitamin C can quickly lead to imbalances such as anxiety, poor sleep and mineral depletion. Nature really does know best.   By using Acerola, or the extract, we have a potent, natural remedy from nature’s store.


There is a story of a lone yacht’s-man who took one gram of refined vitamin C daily. After several months he developed scurvy. An orange a day, (or even more effective on a weight for weight basis would be Acerola cherries) would have prevented the scurvy, even though an orange only contains a few milligrams of vitamin C.


Each capsule provides on average; 225mg Acerola Cherry extract, providing 38mg Vitamin C all soluble extracts, and 225mg Wild Rosehip Powder.  Typical dose is 3 capsules per day


Natural and pure, free from any additives, preservatives, flavourings, sweeteners and GM ingredients