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What is Chlorella?

Chlorella is a green, single-celled micro-alga which has existed at the base of the planetary food chain for about 2.5 billion years, almost since the beginning of life on earth. Even over this vast span of years, Chlorella has remained essentially unchanged, and is still one of the most successful and prolific life-forms on the planet. It is so hardy and adaptable that is exists in its wild state in almost every body of fresh water from the largest lakes down to small streams, from the equator to the Arctic Circle.

The Uses of Chlorella and Other Micro-Algae by Man

Macro-algae, such as seaweeds, have been used widely by many ethnic peoples around the world, and they continue to have wide and varied uses as food supplements, vegetables and laboratory use.

The use of micro-algae, which generally contain denser nutrient levels than seaweeds or yeast, has in the past been limited by the level of technology required to produce pure strains in suitable concentrations for harvesting. There is however historical use of Spirulina (a blue-green micro-alga) by both Central American (Aztec) and African civilizations.

In the post-war years, technology has progressed sufficiently to allow for the commercial harvesting and processing of micro-algae for a variety of uses: as wholefood supplements (chlorella and spirulina), for beta carotene production (dunalliela salina) and as a stock for the extraction of food dyes. Algae are also used as an important natural additive to feedstocks for aquaculture systems.

As an all natural wholefood supplement, Chlorella micro-algae has the highest level of contemporary use, and is the most widely tested. In Japan, where Chlorella usage was pioneered, it is today the most popular supplement sold, with retail sales estimated to be over $40 million per year. In the United States, where Chlorella and Spirunlina were first sold as food supplements about 15 years ago, sales levels are rising consistently at rates of 30-50% per year.

Chlorella: Super Concentrated, Wholefood Nutrition

Today it is generally acknowledged that the best vitamins available are those extracted from natural sources. Chlorella takes this concept of natural source vitamins one step further: a food source so concentrated that it can in itself be used as a potent food supplement, without further refining or extraction.

Chlorella is in fact the most concentrated source of wholefood nutrition known to exist on earth, and it contains a broader spectrum of significant nutrients than any other known food source. Unlike refined vitamin products, Chlorella contains the whole spectrum of nutrients and micro-nutrients necessary for the development, maintenance and reproduction of Life.

The first thing that stands out in a review of Chlorella’s nutritional profile is its extremely high protein content, 55-65%. This is far higher than either meat or soyabeans, and is comparable only with some yeast products in protein levels.

Chlorella is the world’s highest known source of chlorophyll, containing about 10 times more than alfalfa, which has generally been considered as the highest known plant source of chlorophyll. It is literally nature’s greenest food.

Chlorophyll is literally ‘the blood of the plants’, almost identical in molecular structure to haemoglobin, and a number of scientific studies have demonstrated its ability to assist in raising blood cell counts and combat anaemia. Numerous other published medical studies have cited the beneficial effects of chlorophyll on wound healing, detoxification. Many of these are mentioned in Dr. David Steenblock’s excellent book, ‘Chlorella, Natural Medicinal Algae’/

Chlorella is on the richest natural sources of organic iron. A typical daily dosage would contain 5mg, or 30% of the RDA for Iron. In combination with the chlorophyll content, this makes Chlorella an excellent all natural product for anyone with a tendency towards anaemia. This is particularly so as many people find commercial non-organic iron supplements difficult to digest at best. Individuals who have problems raising iron levels using commercial supplements often report rapid improvements when they begin using Chlorella algae as a part of their nutritional program.

Beta Carotene
Vitamin A in its Beta Carotene form is nor being hailed as one of the most important protective vitamins. In the United States, the conservative Food and Drug Administration now permits product labelling statements indicating that Beta Carotene provides protection against certain types of cancer (lung cancer included).

Algae provide a source of natural Beta Carotene, far higher than other vegetable products, and Chlorella is on the highest algae sources. A typical daily dosage contains 1665 I.U.’s, about 35% of the RDA. Currently, almost all Beta Carotene supplements are synthetically produced, and this synthetically produced material has significant differences in chemical structure to the naturally occurring type found in Chlorella.

Vitamin B12
Chlorella is one of the few vegetable sources of Vitamin B12. A typical daily dosage provides 4mcg or 200% of the set UK RDA of 2mcg.

Chlorella is a significant source of Zinc, Copper and Iodine.

World’s Highest Source of RNA
Chlorella is the highest source of Nucleic Acids, containing about 100mg in a typical daily dosage. This is over 17 times more than the highest animal source, sardines. It is well documented that levels of nucleic acids decline and deteriorate as the human body ages, and this fact is considered to be one of the primary factors involved in the process of ageing. Extensive tests performed in Japan, with high RNA extracts of Chlorella, have demonstrated its ability to stimulate cell growth rate in micro-organisms and small animals, and also produce healthier, stronger growth in young children.

Chlorella: widely documented health benefits

Chlorella is one of the most widely researched health related products. Over 800 scientific papers have been written and published about it. Many of these document actual profound medicinal effects. For instance, Chlorella has been demonstrated to have an ability to detoxify the body of heavy metals and many radio-active elements; to raise interferon levels; to stimulate the production of many immune enhancing components in the blood. A number of these qualities are referred to in Dr. Steenblock’s book on Chlorella (mentioned above).

Many of these claims cannot, and perhaps should not, be used in commercial marketing of the product. Fortunately, Chlorella’s nutritional profile alone provides reason enough for it to become an established part of the health food supplement market. The many health protecting benefits obtained from taking Chlorella regularly can be considered an added bonus.

In fact, Chlorella’s growing success in the food supplement market, does not come about through extravagant claims of medical benefits, but rather through the fact that many people, once they take Chlorella, experience a real sense of improved well-being. As a result, they continue to take the product regularly year after year. It is this growing number of confirmed Chlorella users, that over the last twenty years had fuelled a consistent rise in the consumption of Chlorella, both in tablet form, and as a base for multi-vitamin products.

Today it is estimated that well over a thousand tons of Chlorella are consumed annually, and this level increases by about 20% per year. This amount represents about 4 million people using Chlorella every day.

Copyright; Juan Rossello 2000 (all rights reserved)