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Bee Products

The honey bee and their products have been known an used by men and for men’s health, for thousands of years, with many references in the Bible, Koran and in the oldest book of life "The Vadjour Veda". Honey bees are master chemists and chemical engineers. Their success in the animal kingdom is largely because of the chemistry and the applications of their products: honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, beeswax and bee venom.

Propolis is the latest bee product to be rediscovered in the West and virtually unknown in Britain, until Juan Rossello (Master Apiarist) made it commercially available. It is a remarkable resinous substance collected by the bees from buds of trees who then remetabolise it adding other substances. They use it to protect their nest and themselves against the risk of infection.

Propolis contains strong natural antibiotic properties, its active role has been confirmed in the neutralisation of a large variety of bacteria and virus.

"No other antibiotic has this total result on bacteria. Propolis raises the body’s natural resistance to infection by stimulating its own immune system" Dr. R. Chauvin.

Be sceptical when you are offered Propolis such as the so called (4:1) or (5:1) extracts as they usually are of a very low quality and adulterated. The propolis in all our products is purified and processed at our parent’s company apiary and it is constantly monitored and analysed for standardised high quality. Royal Jelly is the sole food of Queen bees, which makes them acquire a more beautiful appearance and they can live up to five years while bees of other classes will only live for about six weeks (during the active season). One of the most important nutrients being HDA (10-hydroxy2decenoid Acid). Fresh Royal Jelly contains 2%+ of this active ingredient. Also be sceptical when you are offered Royal Jelly with a higher strength than 4.5-6.5% HDA as this will be an indication that the Royal Jelly may have been denatured. Lyophilised Royal Jelly is a natural process that removes only the water (about 62.5%) without any damage whatsoever to the integrity of hydrated Royal Jelly. Lyophilised Royal Jelly correlates between 3.1-3.8 : 1, any higher than this and you can be sure that much of the synergetic effect has been destroyed or the HDA artificially added to the product.

Not many substances with such an effect on longevity, like Royal Jelly, are known in biology. Rainbow Wellbeing MegaRoyal Vegetable Capsules provides 1500mg of 100% Pure Royal Jelly per capsule, the highest concentration of Pure Royal Jelly you can buy in a vegetable capsule.

Miraculous Royal Jelly contains valuable vitamins, hormones, amino acids and trace elements, plus a wonderful 3% which defies all chemical analysis. The well known effects of increased youthfulness, vitality and joy in living are ideally achieved and maintained by three to five courses of MegaRoyal per year.

Bee Pollen is often used by athletes who report an increase in their energy levels as well as an improvement in their strength and stamina, it is also under investigation for its life extension potential in humans. Two Russian gerontologists found that pollen is able to cause self-renewal or rejuvenation and add years to the life span and also increases resistance to infection. Bee Pollen contains 20 of the 22 elements necessary for optimum health and strength, most of them vital for life itself. The protein and amino acid is nothing short of staggering; 15 grams alone will supply the adult daily requirement of amino acids. Bee Pollen is also very rich in minerals and vitamins (including b-complex) and contains over 5000 types of enzymes together with RNA and DNA acids. Weight for weight it is one of the richest health foods in the world, having earned the reputation of "natures miracle food".

The scientific data and suggestions concerning its composition, properties and use in therapeutics is very extensive. The role of bee products in the organism are multiple and complex and we refer the reader to current literature in brief we can summarise as follows:

HONEY: The oldest sweet since time in memorial, good as an anti-inflammatory, decongestive, cicatrizing and biotrophic.

PROPOLIS: Reparatory and proteinic by topical, inhibitory, cicatrizing, anaesthetic, antialergic, anaesthetic, antialergic, bactericidal properties and of recent bioflavanoids, now believed to be the active ingredient in the healing process, may be effective in treating hypertension, arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease, European scientist V. Balalykin says that it can help the white blood cells to engulf and digest bacteria and other waste products in the blood,

ROYAL JELLY: Accelerator of normal growth, biostimulator and regulator of cell nutrition.

POLLEN: biostimulating owing to phytohormones, a vasoregulator and a weak antibiotic. Good for alleviating the symptoms of hayfever.

Copyright Juan Rossello 2005 (all rights reserved)