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Nutrition News - Nutri-Min
At last! A truly full-spectrum multimineral supplement in ‘food state’ form capable of remineralising the body, the fundamental basis of health. Why other multimineral supplements have failed to live up to the hopes of normalising health and well-being.

Importance of Minerals and Trace Elements
The words elements and minerals are interchangeable when used in a nutritional context. In excess of 103 elements have been identified by science. Of these 84 have been isolated from human tissues and at least 60 are known to function in metabolic reactions. An adequate intake of a full spectrum of minerals and trace elements IN CORRECT FORM and PROPORTION is a fundamental and essential factor in longevity and health. Mentally, physically and emotionally, minerals are more fundamental than vitamins, in that vitamins simply allow the minerals to complete their action.

All biological life may be seen as a complex organisation of minerals, since minerals are the basic building blocks of all substances. Recent research  has revealed that trace (and ‘ultra trace’ elements in exceptionally small amounts) act as catalysts, ‘hair trigger’ regulators at cell level, regulating all cell functions including the UTILISATION AND UPTAKE OF THE BULK ELEMENTS OF THE DIET. This means that a very small amount of a full spectrum of trace and ultratrace elements will dramatically improve the uptake and utilisation of the major minerals that are needed in relatively large quantities (too large to fit in a multimineral tablet!) such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium etc.; and also all the other ingredients of the diet such as proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. For example, Boron aids Calcium uptake, Copper, Nickel and Cobalt work in tandem with Zinc. Mainstream nutritional doctrine has not yet caught up with these discoveries. So-called full-spectrum multimineral supplements in the shops only contain approximately 10-15 minerals – and most of these are in wrong/unnatural forms. For example, Magnesium and Calcium are supplied by plants mainly in combination with Phosphorus i.e. Magnesium Phosphate. Research has found that Phosphate is needed to enable the body to correctly assimilate the Magnesium. Other forms of Magnesium such as the oxide are often used in supplements, but this will not help the body towards greater balance or self-regulation.

Recently there have been moves to provide ‘food state’ minerals and vitamins to provide the body with missing elements in a natural form that is compatible with the body’s self-regulatory mechanisms (by growing a yeast culture in the presence of particular minerals). However, supplying the body with individual minerals or incomplete groups will eventually always lead to an imbalance. The secret of health is balance.

The most fundamental reason for chronic health problems and even a lack of optimum zest and wellness is, I believe, due to WIDE SPECTRUM MINERAL DEFICIENCIES in the food we eat. Many scientists, nutritionists and even official (US) Government publications now state that good health is dependant on the minerals in our diet. Dr. Linus Pauling, twice Nobel Prize winner, said: ‘You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to mineral deficiency.’

Reasons for Mineral Deficiency in the Human Population
The main reason for human mineral deficiency is that the soils upon which our food is grown is grossly mineral-deficient. Land that is farmed becomes depleted. Traditional farming cultures knew this and either moved on to fresh pastures or applied farming methods that put back organic manure into the soil – or left it fallow for some time so that the deeper-rooted plants could extract minerals from deeper down to enrich the topsoil. Modern farming methods replace just a few minerals such as Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus to promote crop size and rapid growth. So the food looks OK but is grossly mineral-deficient. (Starving in the midst of plenty!)

Cultures that produce healthy and consistently long-lived individuals have the opposite farming methods. Their fields are naturally irrigated with unusually mineral-rich mountain streams . Examples of such peoples are the Hunzas, the Georgians and the Villacabambes of Ecuador. Although their diets differ, the common denominator is the rich spectrum of minerals in their food. These people maintain full health to typically 110-140 years. In the so called civilised world degeneration diseases such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease and many others, almost unheard of in mineral-rich societies, are occurring at progressively younger ages and are of epidemic proportions. There is also the common myth that diseases and health problems after the age of 40, 50 and certainly 60 are a natural part of the ageing process – THIS IS SIMPLY NOT SO. The genetic information in all our billions of cells is capable of renewing itself almost faultlessly throughout a long and healthy life – AS LONG AS THE FULL SPECTRUM OF MINERALS IS PRESENT. It’s true that we are all born with genetic weaknesses of some kind or other (partly due to the poor mineralisation of our forefathers), but the susceptibility to disease of frail health can only manifest itself properly in an inadequately mineralised individual (from conception onwards). By reintroducing a full spectrum of minerals into our systems we can watch many so-called disease states reverse and disappear .

Even so-called organically grown vegetables do not normally contain a full spectrum of minerals in sufficient balance or quantity, since the special methods and analysis have yet to be introduced, and the need for the approximately 80 minerals/trace elements has only recently been recognised. So the only practical way to obtain these fundamental requirements for human health and well-being is to take a regular, suitably produced full-spectrum supplement.

The Research and Development of a Full-Spectrum Mineral/Trace Element Supplement
The shortcomings of ‘over the counter’ multimineral supplements have already been mentioned. It is worth considering two so-called full-spectrum mineral supplements from the USA that I have investigated along the way to finding a single suitable supplement.

One is a liquid ‘ionic’ supplement derived from a mineral-rich salt lake in Utah. Most of the Sodium has been removed. This supplement is rapidly absorbed as all the minerals are in soluble or ‘ionic’ form. It contains a large amount of Magnesium in the form of Magnesium Chloride. This form of Magnesium, along with many other mineral salts found in this ‘inland sea’, is not a form found in food, and the body has not developed ways of maintaining physiological control and balance when ingesting it. Also this product almost completely lacks Calcium and Phosphorus, essential for a balanced mineral supplement. (Much research has been undertaken into the appropriate releative proportions of Calcium and Magnesium in a supplement and it has been found to be critical, i.e. between 1:1 and 2:1 Magnesium to Calcium). Also absent are minerals/trace elements in the insoluble or ‘colloidal’ form. Nevertheless I was so impressed by claims about this product that I put all of my theoretical and commonsense doubts to one side and spent several months testing it on myself and others – in all cases obvious physiological disturbances and mineral imbalances occurred.

The second product from the USA claiming to be the only answer to full-spectrum mineral deficiency is a white powder (also available in liquid suspension) of colloidal minerals. The product is humic shale – the result of certain geological processes which ‘fossilise’ ancient vegetation in such a way as to eliminate all the organic plant material and leach out all the soluble minerals, leaving only the insoluble colloidal minerals and trace elements, 77 having been analysed. The two most obvious mineral imbalances are a complete lack of the soluble salts essential for maintaining a physiological balance (e.g. Potassium Phosphate), and the fact that the product is 94% Sulphur, a much higher level than found in any plant. Tests on sensitive human subjects quickly showed that the relaxing or anabolic side of the human metabolism became deficient with this product. To date I have seen no clinical trials or animal growth and development tests of these products.

The promoters of these two products are currently involved in a propaganda war with each other, quoting so-called experts. One side maintains ‘colloidal’ minerals are the answer and the other ‘ionic’. There are very few experts in this field and certainly a Ph.D or other qualification that does not especially study minerals in the body does not lend any real credence to their claims.

In practice we have evolved to absorb the bulk of minerals from food. ‘Food-state’ minerals are very complex in their ‘presentation package’. Many of them are ‘chelated’ i.e. bound to protein molecules. A soluble mineral or ‘ionic’ mineral salt such as Potassium Phosphate (essential for a health nervous system and a good night’s sleep) does not actually become soluble until the protein it is bound to is digested, and as this protein releases the electrically charged ions for assimilation into the gut wall. So-called colloidal  minerals are also present in foods or food-state mineral supplements – those colloidal mineral states (exceptionally small particles exhibiting an overall negative charge sometimes referred to as ‘zeta’ potential) are released also after some protein digestion, since like the soluble ‘ionic’ minerals they are contained in the cells of the plants or other living cells being eaten.

Tests on sensitive persons revealed that a food-state, full-spectrum mineral supplement at the correct dosage level did not produce physiological imbalance or loss of Homeostasis in any perceivable manner.

A Full-spectrum Food-state Mineral Supplement
Two forms have been produced in Denmark. One uses a yeast culture and the other (Nutri-minTM), a pro-biotic Lactobacillus culture (as found in yoghurt). Primeval rainforest is the starting point – compression over millions of years produces coal with all the forest’s wealth of minerals and elements remaining. The culture is supplied with finely macerated coal in liquid suspension, so that as it grows it takes up all the required minerals and elements, whilst leaving the undesirable chemicals in the coal aside. The resulting culture is desiccated to produce a very fine, pale grey powder that is exceptionally easy to assimilate. In fact it has been found that only a few milligrams with each meal is a sufficient does of Nutri-minTM.

These two food-state products, unlike the previous two (liquid ‘ionic’ and colloidal shale minerals) have been extensively tested over several years, mainly on the growth and the development of animals. Some impressive human clinical studies have also been undertaken.

A test was shown (see graph) that rats fed on a poor diet (90 days) lost weight and became sickly. Another group of rats was given an identical deficiency diet but with the addition of the food-state, full-spectrum, multimineral/trace element supplement. These gained weight (as they grew), were in excellent health and fared better even than a third group of rats fed on a (normally considered) high quality diet. Other tests on rats deliberately given much larger doses than required of the supplements showed no signs of toxicity (functionally and in post-mortem inspection of internal organs).

So the essential thing to realise is that very small amounts of these full-spectrum food supplements taken with food greatly improves the UPTAKE AND UTILISATION OF THE BULK ELEMENTS OF THE DIET as alluded to earlier. Even when we are eating well we are NOT UTILISING THE NUTRITIONAL ELEMENTS IN OUR FOOD PROPERLY TO MAINTAIN FULL HEALTH, DUE TO ALMOST UNIVERSAL TRACE ELEMENT DEFICIENCY.

The Probiotic (Lactobacillus) product has been chosen as being generally more acceptable than the yeast-based version, due to yeast allergy in some persons. The product Nutri-minTM therefore ushers in a significant advancement in Nutritional Supplementation/Therapy. It also offers a therapeutic modality different to that of the ‘superfoods’ such as Pollen, Chlorella and Spirulina.

Important Differences in the Health Restorative Effects of Nutri-min to Those of Superfoods Such as Chlorella and Spirulina
The subjective testing of Nutri-minTM on sensitive human subjects  has revealed that taking Nutri-minTM in small amounts (milligrams) with each meal produces the most even and natural shift into a state of better health than any other full-spectrum supplement. I have frequently observed rapid improvements in felt well-being followed by a relapse to the previous lower state with myself and others when taking the best full-spectrum nutrients such as the superfoods i.e. Pollen, Chlorella, Spirulina. These latter products provide an incredible range of food-state nutrients – they seem to best help those that are genuinely underfunctioning and those of robust constitution. All the ‘difficult’ patients and those of a sensitive or feeble health/constitution are soon overstimulated by superfoods, one explanation being that the glands of such people cannot deal with the process of detoxification engendered by superfoods.

We can only shift into higher states of health by a greater harmonisation of all our parts, be it glandular, brain and body or metabolic pathways. It has been my observation that the only reliable guidelines that the healing process is underway is when (a) generally the mental and emotional state improves and becomes more relaxed and creative. And (b) the quality and possibly also the duration of sleep increased. In other words both the sleeping, healing, relaxing side (anabolic or yin) and the active side (catabolic or yang) become or remain strong, indicating that the supplement is going to provide LONG TERM BENEFIT OR REGENERATIVE ACTION.

When the Nutri-minTM is mixed with food it acts to aid assimilation of that meal. This means that the person is now assimilating and utilising the multiple elements of the diet better than every before, and it is more ‘natural’ and acceptable to the body than even the best superfood. We are not trying to run before we can walk in health terms. Once the strength and the ‘ground’ of the organism is built up over a suitable period of a few months, the possibility of adding special supplements such as the superfoods can be entertained. Another point worthy of note is that the ‘action’ of Nutri-minTM changes as each meal changes, as its action is to enhance the value of each particular meal; whereas herbal or ‘superfood’ supplementation on the whole retains its unique structure whatever the contents of the meal. This means that the body will not get ‘bored’ as with the same remedy being taken every day.

Nutri-minTM, containing all elements and minerals required, is full-spectrum e.g. in terms of the Chinese system of categorisation it carries the qualities of all the primal elements – Fire, Earth, Water, Wood and Metal. For example the Metal element aids bioelectrical conduction, or Chi distribution. Blockage of Chi is a fundamental reason for health problems and many researchers consider the high degree of electromagnetic pollution to hinder the balance and distribution of Chi within the system. Having tested many broad-spectrum supplements I find Nutri-minTM the only one to relieve Chi blockages effectively.
72 Elements Analysed in Multi-trace Concentrate
(Nutri-minTM is multi-trace in a base of rice flour)

Element Symbol PPM Mg/Kg Element Symbol PPM Mg/Kg Element Symbol PPM Mg/Kg
Aluminium Al 2687 Holmium Ho 6.3 Rhenium Re 27
Actinium Ac 2.7 Indium In 0.4 Scandium Sc 382
Antinomy Sb 1-3.2 Iron Fe 905 Samarium Sm 4.5
Arsenic As 8.3 Iodine I 3.2-10 Silver Ag 0.2
Barium Ba 365 Iridium Ir 9.1 Selenium Se 2.8
Boron B 11963 Lanthanum La 11963 Strontium St 496
Bromine Br 107 Lithium Li 3.2-10 Sulphur S 751
Bismuth Bi 1.8 Lead Pb 1.5 Silicon Si 1000-3200
Calcium Ca 20167 Lutetium Lu 10.9 Technetium Tc 0.7
Chlorine Cl 9203 Magnesium Mh 5000 Tellurium Te 0.2
Cerium Ce 39 Manganese Mn 30 Terbium Tb 5.4
Copper Cu 11 Molybdenum Mo 12 Thulium Tm 8.2
Chromium Cr 11963 Neodymium Nd 9.1 Thorium Th 0.9
Caesium Cs 1-3.3 Nickel Ni 4.4 Tin Sn 8.4
Cadmium Cd 0.32-1 Niobium Nb 2.2 Thallium Tl 100-320
Cobalt Co 9.1 Osmium Os 27 Tantalum Ta 4.5
Dysprosium Dy 5.3 Phosphorus P 3623 Titanium Ti 48
Erbium Er 4.5 Potassium K 13033 Tungsten W 4.5
Europium Eu 4.5 Promethium Pm 3.6 Vanadium V 11963
Fluorine F 6.5 Palladium Pd 0.2 Yttrium Y 7.5
Germanium Ge 3.4 Praseodymium Pr 9.1 Ytterbium Yb 9.1
Gallium Ga 3.2-10 Platinum Pt 3.6 Zinc Zn 27
Gold Au 4.5 Rhodium Rh 0.2 Zirconium Zr 39
Gadolinium Gd 5.4 Rubidium Rb 45      
Hafnium Hf 9.1 Ruthenium Ru 0.2      

About the Author John Claydon D.Hom.
John Claydon has maintained a keen interest in alternative therapies for 20 years, since overcoming sever asthma at the age of 28 with a natural product. He has studied and researched extensively from a wide range of sources, balancing practical experience with theoretical knowledge. He has taken a keen interest in mineral therapy in particular. Qualified in Homeopathy, since 1991 Claydon has practised this and colloid mineral therapy.