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Mastic Gum Veg. Caps 100% Pure

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60 x 400mg Veg. Caps.

Pistacia Lentiscus Mastic Gum is a tree resin which has been used for a variety of gastric ailments for at least 3000 years. Many studies have been published on mastic gum with regard to its positive effects on the gastrointestinal environment, this gaining respect among the scientific and medical community.

The formation of ulcers occurs when the lining of the stomach and small intestines are thinned or damaged. The intestinal lining has a protective coating of mucosa, which protects the stomach and duodenum from becoming damaged by gastric acid. Unlike Helicobacter pylori bacteria, most pathogenic microorganisms cannot survive the acidic environment of the stomach. However, the bacterium H. Pylori first neutralizes the gastric pH in the immediate area, then drills into the unprotected mucosal lining, causing gastrics, which in turn can lead to the formation of ulcers. In vitrio studies are showing mastic gum's effectiveness against seven strain of Heliobacter pylori. The mechanism is such that the mastic gum causes structural changes within the H. Plyori bacteria cell structure, causing the bacteria to weaken and die. In several other studies using mastic gum on patients with ulcers, the original site of the ulcer was completely replaced by health epithelial cells. We encapsulate the mastic gum resin 100% pure in vegetable capsules (no additives of any kind).

Each vegetable capsule contains 400mg of 100% pure Mastic Gum. No other ingredient or additive of any kind.
Take one capsule, twice daily, between meals. more in times of extra need

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